Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Introducing more helpful resources from Ownersite, our new Car Care section

With the launch of our new Car Care section, we think Ownersite will become an even more useful resource for vehicle owners, whether they subscribe to Ownersite or not. To visit this new section, click on the Car Care link up above.

The Car Care section contains about 20 articles (with plans to grow) covering many aspects of vehicle ownership, from basic everyday car care tips, to advice on saving fuel, increasing the value of your vehicle or even selling your vehicles. We believe these articles keep with the overall theme of Ownersite, to help increase the safety, reliability and value of our customers vehicle.

We would love your feedback on this new section. Some may have noticed that it originally included advertisements, but we decided to do away with those, again in keeping with our ad-free theme for the application.

Note that this is not the same content that is contained within the Ownersite application from the Car Care Council, rather it is yet another independent perspective on how to enhance vehicle ownership.